Reifycs Abf (Analysis Base File) Converter    Download

Reifycs Abf Converter provides MS vender specific raw file format converter for free software and our products.
The supported vender's format for this software depends on vendor-supplied software libraries.

Use Restrictions


MS vendor specific requirements
 Accessing certain vendor-format data files requires an associated library, which has its own licensing terms as indicated in the table below. Please agree to the license terms before downloading this software.
Vender Formats Required Software License
AB Sciex Analyst .wiff None Please check the above "Use Restrictions". Reifycs has an agreement with AB Sciex LLC to provide you .wiff data access.
Agilent MassHunter .d None Please check MHDAC. Reifycs has an agreement with Agilent Technologies, Inc. to provide you .d data access.
Bruker Daltonics Compass .d CompassXtract Please access Bruker Daltonics Mass Spectrometry Software Support site.
Shimadzu LabSolution .lcd LabSolutions 5.53.SP4 or above If you do not have required software, please contact .
ThermoFisher Xcalibur .raw MSFile Reader Please access Thermo Fisher Scientific MSFile Reader download site.
Waters MassLynx .raw MassLynx Raw Data Reader Interface Library 1. Please download Raw Data Reader Interface Library.

This can be accessed from the hyperlink above to registered users of the Waters Web Site.

2. Unzip file, and copy MassLynxRaw.dll (64bit) to ABFCvtSvrWtrRw Folder in this converter.