Data analysis solutions for Mass spectrometry

MS data anaysis software packages, contract software developments and data analysis for R&D field.

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Specialized company for MS data analysis

Develop MS data analysis software and custom software for lab data management, and contract data analysis.


Supporting various formats, no need of dedicated software for each instrument

Analysis Base Framework, developed in our company, is a technology that enables reading various raw MS file formats. Without consciously thinking about the type of instruments or raw files you have, our software products directly analyze your data.

Statistical components, such as PCA, HCA

Statistics and data mining are necessary analyses for R&D to make new discoveries from MS data. We developed various statistical analysis and data mining components such as principal component analysis, hierarchical clustering analysis, scatter plots and trend chart, which are provided not only in our software products but for contract development software.

LEGO-like development

Display of chromatogram, spectrum and peak list are essential functions in the software to handle MS data. In our software development, we can build a software in a short time by assembling these functionalities as building bricks like LEGO.

Sharing these functions among different software enables us to provide stable and rigid functionalities. Such a style of software development also facilitates frequent update of the functions.

All of our producs are made in Tokyo, Japan

- Our technologies are widely used around the world -


Signpost MS

Signpost MS

Multivariate analysis software for MS scan data

Keywords Alignment, LC/MS, GC/MS

Traverse MS

Traverse MS

Multivariate analysis software for MRM/SRM data

Keywords MRM, Metabolomics, Pathway

MS Quant Manager

MS Quant Manager

Semi-Automated Quantitative Analysis Software

Keywords ADME, High-throughput



Peptide mapping and Antibody characterization

Keywords Peptide mapping



Label free proteomics software for MASCOT

Keywords Label Free Proteomics



Reporting for complex analysis environment

Keywords Reporting, UV, PDA, MS

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